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The Giver

The Giver - Lois Lowry In this future dystopian world, the possibility to make choices is very limited, everything is controlled and planned: the number of newborns, who will get which job, who gets married and with who. Stronger emotions are removed, people can get annoyed, not angry; they can enjoy someone, not love passionately. Society is very stable and everyone is satisfied with their orderly, disciplined and predictable life. There are no problems: no violence, no pain, no crimes, nothing. Not knowing another way of living, people don't miss the freedom that existed in the past, that also came with chaos, wars, pollution and many more side effects.

I enjoyed this idea of dystopian society, very thought provoking and interesting, but also poorly developed.

The story is quite slow, dull and naive. Some parts of the book seem a bit silly, not being enough explained, like the transmission of memories just by touching other people, or the idea that people were genetically altered to make them color blind to increase the sameness and remove differences.

In this future, people have an amazing level of technology, they can control weather perfectly, but still they are unable to locate a fugitive, even by using search planes equipped with heat-seeking devices?! It's because the fugitive thinks about snow so he gets colder and fools the heat seeking devices. No explanation was probably better than this laughable explanation. A nice example of lack of research and lazy writing.